City of Ghosts 18+

Documentary | Feature
Director  Matthew Heineman
United States | 90 mins | 2017

South Australian Premiere

“A moving record of extraordinary individual and collective heroism.” (New York Times)

More than a record of the citizen-journalists who constitute the activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, this is an uncompromising and confronting investigation of the role media are playing in contemporary warfare. When IS seized power in the Syrian city of Raqqa in 2014 they unleased a vicious campaign of bloodshed—accompanied by increasingly sophisticated media production techniques. Using mobile phones and social media, the fugitive activists of RBSS are now intent on making sure the world knows the awful truth of what is happening in the beleaguered city. Directed by Matthew Heineman, whose Cartel Land was one of he highlights of AFF 2015. Be warned that the film contains distressing imagery.

Director Matthew Heineman | Producer Matthew Heineman | Composer H. Scott Salinas, Jackson Greenberg | Cinematographer Matthew Heineman | Editor Matthew Heineman, Matthew Hamachek, Pax Wasserman