Dolphin Man 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Documentary | Feature
Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Greece | 87 mins | 2017
French, Italian, English, Japanese with English subtitles

Australian Premiere

Going deeper.

As well as providing the subject for Luc Besson’s The Big Blue, Jacques Mayol did more than anyone to establish the sport of free diving to enormous depths without an oxygen supply. Using breathing techniques derived from yoga, he went to 50, 60, and even 100 meters—depths no one had considered to be within the bounds of human possibility. Mayol was a sportsman, a mystic, a vagabond, but above all, a man who believed in testing the limits of experience. This visually stunning tribute shows a man’s quest to be at one with the vastness of the ocean and to have no fear of the abyss within, where lurks serenity, freedom and finally, death.

Ticket holders for Dolphin Man get free access to its virtual reality companion film, screening as part of our VR Program this year. Just present your Dolphin Man ticket at the door, capacity allowing.

Director Lefteris Charitos | Producer Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof, Ed Barreveld, Estelle Robin You | Cinematographer Stelios Apostolopoulos | Editor David Kazala | Screenwriter Yuri Averof, Lefteris Charitos | Composer Mathieu Lamboley | Cast Jean Marc Barr | Executive Producers: Seiko Kato, Marco Alessi