A Fantastic Woman 18+

Fiction | Feature
Director  Sebastián Lelio
Spain, United States, Germany, Chile | 104 mins | 2017
Spanish with English subtitles

South Australian Premiere

Silver Bear for Best Screenplay, Berlin Film Festival

Transgender actress Daniela Vega is sensational as Marina Vidal, a confident and vivacious waitress who moonlights as a bar singer. When her male lover dies suddenly, his family and government officials treat Marina with disdain. With all the courage of a classic Hollywood heroine Marina sets out to prove she has the right to grieve like everyone else. This compassionate and inspiring drama won the Best Screenplay prize at Berlin.

“Shocking and enraging, funny and surreal, rapturous and restorative, this is a film of startling intensity and sinuous mood shifts wrapped in a rock-solid coherence of vision.” – (The Hollywood Reporter)

Director Sebastián Lelio | Screenwriter Sebastián Lelio & Gonzalo Maza | Producer Juan de Dios Larraín, Pablo Larraín, Sebastián Lelio, Gonzalo Maza | Composer Matthew Herbert | Cinematographer Benjamín Echazarreta | Editor Soledad Salfate | Cast Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes