Spookers 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Documentary | Feature
Director  Florian Habicht
Australia, New Zealand | 83 mins | 2017

South Australian Premiere

The family that slays together…

Who wants to earn a living as an insane clown or a zombie bride? Actors at the phenomenally successful Spookers horror theme park in Auckland, that’s who! In this documentary by Florian Habicht (Pulp, 2014) we meet the people behind the make-up and discover what’s drawn them to such an unusual line of work. Made with a big heart and dotted with lovely fantasy sequences, Spookers is a hugely entertaining, strikingly candid and frequently moving slice of showbiz life.

Director Florian Habicht | Screenwriter Florian Habicht, Peter O'Donoghue, Veronica Gleeson | Producer Nick Batzias, Lani-Rain Feltham, Suzanne Walker, Virginia Whitwell | Composer Marc Chesterman | Editor Peter O'Donoghue