Making a Mark 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Documentary | Short
Director  Richard Jasek
Australia | 62 mins | 2017

World Premiere

Australia’s top emerging artists seek art/life balance in the lead-up to a $100k prize.

Filmed during the inaugural year of the Ramsay Art Prize, Making a Mark chronicles a story of passion and creative trailblazing as a selection of finalists, all aged under 40, vie for the $100,000 prize. In a story that spans the globe from Europe to Outback Australia, we explore one of the most personally challenging and financially tenuous vocations, and find out just what it takes to live a life in the world of visual arts.

Funding partners: Adelaide Film Festival, South Australian Film Corporation, Ronin Films

Photo credit: Nat Rogers

Director Richard Jasek | Producer Anna Vincent | Cinematographer Maxx Corkindale | Editor David Scarborough | Composer Benjamin Speed | Executive Producer: Timothy White, Richard Jasek, Co-Producer: Bonnie McBride