The 12 Commandments of Screen Worship

5 September 2013

Hear us Screen Worshippers: we need your help! We have decreed the 12 Commandments of Screen Worship, but 13 is a much holier number, wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, we want you to share your commandments with us.

Study the 12 Commandments of Screen Worship below, then share your commandment with the hashtag #ScreenWorship. The best commandment will win an AFF Gold Ultimate Films Pass – a gift from the Screen Worship Gods and Goddesses.

The 12 Commandments of Screen Worship

I am thy Screen Art

Thou shalt not bear true endings to thy neighbour

Thou shalt switch to airplane mode

Honour thy Margaret and thy David

Thou shalt not loudly rustle neither crisp nor confectionary packet

Piracy is the work of the devil

Thou shalt remain seated for all credits

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s armrest

Thou shalt honour the craft

Thou shalt be heard by way of audience voting

Thou shalt love thy neighbourhood cinema

Thine screen size does not matter, just how you view it

All those who do not obey shall be condemned to eternal damnation and seat-kickers

Post your commandments on our Facebook page, tweet or instagram them using the hashtag #ScreenWorship