15 September 2020

Missing live music? Our Sounds of Rebellion will fill the concert sized hole in your heart.

Momentous epochs of change have memorable soundtracks
as musical artists rise to the challenge of giving voice and emotional charge to a generation’s rebellion.

From punk to power pop and on to grunge, the music of the last half century has risen against racism, given voice to the rise of feminism, and told countless young people that it’s alright to be who they wanna be. These films capture those exciting and life- transforming moments.

three women in red dresses and crowns sitting on a bench The Go-Go’s

A rock doc about a game-changing 80s punk-pop band.

Mixing abundant concert footage and candid interviews, here’s everything worth knowing about the Go-Go’s, the greatest all-girl— no, make that all-woman—band of the 1980s. Emerging from the LA punk scene, they wrote and played some of the decade’s defining pop. Taking on the male musical establishment with kick-arse verve, they were an explosion of colour and attitude. After sinking to the top, they now contemplate what it takes to be survivors and sisters in an industry that eats its young while they are fresh.

young boys in the front row of a concertWhite Riot

A moment in time when music changed the world, when a generation challenged the status quo.

Punk exploded across Britain in the late 1970s, when the country was deeply divided over immigration, and the far-right National Front was gaining strength. Music industry figures reacted by creating Rock Against Racism (RAR) and a fanzine, Temporary Hoarding to give a voice to the voiceless. RAR spread virally to become a grassroots youth movement. The Clash, Steel Pulse, Tom Robinson and other top bands of the day jump on board. White Riot is Woodstock meets the March on Washington, punk-style.

a man and a woman listening to earphonesHow to Build a Girl

“It’s a joyful thing to behold” (Hollywood Reporter)

Working-class-sixteen-year-old Joanna desperately needs to shed her dull, schoolgirl life and reinvent herself. With some help from the feminist heroes on her bedroom wall, she morphs into rock journalist Dolly Wilde, not afraid to write anything, say anything, wear anything. In this outlandish imposture, she explodes all over 1993 London, taking the city by storm. Caitlin Moran’s bestselling novel is the perfect vehicle for the talents of Beanie Feldstein (Lady Bird, Booksmart), who leads a star cast, with a cracking 90s soundtrack.