Woman At War 15+, unless accompanied by an adult

Iceland, Ukraine, France | 124 mins (Woman At War 101 mins) | 2018
Icelandic with English subtitles

“A serious fairy tale told with a smile.” (Benedikt Erlingsson)

Leading Icelandic filmmaker Benedikt Erlingsson (Of Horses and Men) won raves at Cannes for this eco-thriller-musical-comedy drama. It tells the story of Halla, a quiet middle-aged woman who leads a double life as “The Woman of the Mountain,” a passionate environmental activist and saboteur who brings down power lines with her bow and arrow. Halla's surreptitious campaign is called into question when her application to adopt a young orphan is successful. She stages one final attack to deal the aluminium industry a crippling blow, but of course, things never go quite to plan. Intelligent: yes! Socially and politically cogent: yes!! Hugely enjoyable: yes!!!

“Is there anything rarer than an intelligent feel-good film that knows how to tackle urgent global issues with humor as well as a satisfying sense of justice? Look no further than Woman at War, Benedikt Erlingsson’s gloriously Icelandic (for lack of a better adjective), near-perfect follow-up to Of Horses and Men,” (Variety)

Director Benedikt Erlingsson | Producer Benedikt Erlingsson, Carine Leblanc, Marianne Slot | Screenwriter Ólafur Egilsson, Benedikt Erlingsson | cinematographer Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson | Editor David Alexander Corno | Composer Davíð Þór Jónsson | Cast Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, Jóhann Sigurðarson