Jim Bettison & Helen James Award - 2017 Recipient Meryl Tankard Talk

| 60 mins

World renowned choreographer, dancer, creative director and now filmmaker. Maryl Tankard, in her words...

Throughout my career I have always been interested in exploring the fine lines between genius and madness, the fragility of the creative mind and the transformative power of art as well as the positive impact creativity can have on physical and mental health. The Bettison James Award has made it possible to develop a film, titled MAD, based on schizophrenia over the last 35 years. Told through music, song and dance. MAD explores what it is like to be living with madness, and as such Sandy says, turning that madness into a muse.

Still from MAD Jana Castillo. Photo: Regis Lansac. Director: Meryl Tankard