Life Is A (Jigsaw) Puzzle In This New Film From The Producer Of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

25 September 2018

Trivia junkie, word nerd or puzzle geek? Let us piece this together: Puzzle at Adelaide Film Festival is for you.

In the film, shy suburban mother Agnes (Kelly Macdonald, Boardwalk Empire, Trainspotting) discovers she has a talent for solving jigsaw puzzles. Suddenly her life is transformed as she becomes a competitor on the professional jigsaw circuit. To do jigsaws you have to see the big picture as well as the fine detail. Can Agnes also find the missing pieces in her life in the form of ebullient fellow competitor Robert (Irffan Khan, The Life of Pi, The Lunchbox). Macdonald and Khan click wonderfully well in a heartfelt drama about realising your potential and finding the strength to express yourself.

Presented by our very own puzzler (and General Manager), Fiona Heuch.

16 October, 10:45am, Mercury Cinema
21 October, 4pm, Palace Nova