20 July 2022

What’s your role at AFF?

Annabel Lines, Event Producer

What you enjoy about working at the Film Festival?

The films, the parties and the people. I love dressing up, so the festival provides the perfect excuse to do so!

What are your favourite film/s ?

Tough question, here are a few of many favourites: The Nightingale, The Big Lebowski, Wild At Heart and Pulp Fiction.

What’s a really underrated film you love that no one else likes/ knows about?

I’m not sure it is underrated, but it is hard to find: Tampopo, and The Singing Ringing Tree

What’s your go-to cinema snack and/ or drink?

A Choc Top really rounds off the cinema experience for me!

What’s your favourite spot in Adelaide?

Adelaide Central Markets – I love how it smells and how you could be anywhere. It’s like it never changes but it’s always changing.