Meet ‘I Am Mother’ Star Clara Rugaard

20 October 2018

Clara Rugaard in I Am Mother

Grant Sputore’s I Am Mother is coming to Adelaide Film Festival in October, and we couldn’t be more excited. The science-fiction thriller follows a teenage girl (played by Clara Rugaard) who is raised underground by a robot called “Mother” with the purpose of repopulating the planet after an extinction-level event. But the arrival of a stranger with alarming news threatens their unique bond.

Before the film’s gala screening, we thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to the young actor at the centre of it all – Clara Rugaard. Here are a few facts you might not have known about her.

She’s a former Disney star

Rugaard may not be a household name just yet in Australia, but in her native land of Denmark she is something of a superstar. The actress appeared on hit Disney Channel Original Series The Lodge alongside Thomas Doherty and Sophie Simnett, playing the role of Ana in a two-episode stint on the immensely successful programme.

She sings

In addition to starring in a Disney Channel series, Rugaard voiced the titular character in the Denmark release of the hit Disney film Moana. She also contributed to the soundtrack for the film, singing all of the character’s epic songs.

I Am Mother

She took on one of drama’s most iconic roles

Some would argue a good indicator of whether someone is going to be a star is if they have ever played the role of Romeo or Juliet. True or not, Rugaard has regardless played the role of Juliet on the extremely successful American ABC program Still Star Crossed, which takes place after the events of Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy.

I Am Mother is one of many upcoming projects

In addition to her forthcoming role in I Am Mother, Rugaard has booked a role in Max Minghella’s debut musical film Teen Spirit. She’ll star alongside 20th Century Women’s Elle Fanning and In Bruges’ Elizabeth Berrington. The film will be produced by La La Land’s Fred Berger and English actor Jamie Bell, and is set to premiere at the International Toronto Film Festival on 6 September.

The Gala Screening of I Am Mother will take place on Friday 12 October at 6:45pm. Tickets are available now.