Director: Brenda Matthews, Nathaniel Schmidt
90 minutes
All ages

“I had to go back so I could move forward.” (Brenda Matthews)

Brenda’s first memories were of growing up in a loving white foster family, before she was suddenly taken away and returned to her Aboriginal family. Decades later, she feels disconnected from both halves of her life, so she goes searching for the foster family with whom she had lost contact. Along the way she uncovers long-buried secrets, government lies, and the possibility of deeper connections to family and culture. The Last Daughter is a moving documentary about Brenda’s mission to unearth the truth about her past, and to reconcile the two sides of her family.

Premiere World
Language English
Director Brenda Matthews, Nathaniel Schmidt
Producer Simon Williams, Brendon Skinner, Kyle Slabb, Michael Tear, Taryn Brumfitt
Cinematographer Miles Rowland
Editor David Scarborough
Music James Henry
Cast Brenda Matthews, Mark Matthews, Brenda (Nan) Simon, Connie Ockers, Mac Ockers