Director: Matt Vesely

This keenly anticipated debut feature from the South Australian creative team of director Matt Vesely, writer Lucy Campbell and producer Bettina Hamilton is a striking science fiction thriller. Through the clever containment of a single location and only one on-screen character, Monolith surveils disgraced journalist (rising star Lily Sullivan) as she turns to podcasting to salvage her career, before uncovering a strange artefact that she believes is evidence of an alien conspiracy. The teasing mystery is a product of the ground-breaking Film Lab: New Voices initiative, and uses its creative restraint to compelling advantage.

Film Lab: New Voices is a joint project from Adelaide Film Festival and the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) in collaboration with Mercury CX and with the support of Screen Australia.


Festivals: SXSW (2023)

Director Matt Vesely
Producer Bettina Hamilton
Writer Lucy Campbell
Cinematographer Michael Tessari
Editor Tania Nehme
Music Benjamin Speed
Cast Lily Sullivan