Director: Granaz Moussavi
Australia, Afghanistan
80 minutes

Shot on the streets of Kabul, Granaz Moussavi’s (My Tehran For Sale) outstanding new feature is in the tradition of the great child-centred works of the 1980s when filmmakers such as Kiarostami, Panahi and Amir Naderi (to whom this film is dedicated) were putting Iranian cinema in the forefront of world production. 9-year-old Hewad is an irrepressible, street-smart kid who is energetically working every angle, hustling everything from pomegranate juice to amulets to protection from the evil eye. His real ambition is to be a movie star, and this comes a step closer when he meets an Australian photographer. But in a city where every family has a member who has been “martyred,” the streets are as perilous as they are vivid. Australia’s recent involvement with Afghanistan has been mixed, to say the best. The deeply-felt humanism of this film might just be our most effective contribution to that troubled country.

Language Pashto, Farsi
Director Granaz Moussavi
Producer Baheer Wardak, Christine Williams, Marzieh Vafamehr.
Screenwriters Granaz Moussavi
Cinematographer Behrouz Badrouj
Editor Shima Monfared, Ali Akhavan, Elias Azizi, Ali Azizi, Nima Nabilirad
Cast Arafat Faiz, Elham Ayazi, Andrew Quilty