Director: Sophie Hyde
98 minutes

F*!#ing life, f*!#ing expectations, f*!#ing home, f*!#ing family, f*!#ing Adelaide!

Fucking Adelaide is commissioned by ABC and Screen Australia for their ‘Long Story Short’ initiative.

Adelaide is a place Eli (Brendan Maclean) said he’d only return to for Christmases and funerals. But now, at twenty-eight, Eli’s exciting Sydney life is not going as planned. His singing career is a spandex-clad joke and his recently ex-boyfriend refuses to let him back into their apartment. So, when his eccentric mother Maude (Pamela Rabe) asks him to help clean up their family home, a defeated Eli finds himself on a plane back to the sleepy town he had so desperately fought to escape. Joining him are his siblings: his eternally optimistic younger sister Kitty (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) and his successful older half-sister Emma (Kate Box), visiting from Thailand with her young family – all of them crammed together into a house they once called home. However, Maude reveals the true reason for assembling her family – she’s selling the house. Suddenly, the visit becomes a squabbling delve into the buried past, until the kids’ singular focus on getting what they want brings unimagined consequences for the entire family.

A deeply intimate riff on how f*!#ed (and glorious) it can be to return home, each episode of this six part comedy-drama is told from the distinct point-of-view of a different character, illuminating the funny story of this heart-breaking family reunion.

Funding Partners: Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund, ABC TV, Screen Australia, South Australian Film Corporation.

Film Type Series
Director Sophie Hyde
Producer Rebecca Summerton, Sophie Hyde, Bryan Mason
Writer Matthew Cormack, Matt Vesely, Sophie Hyde
Cast Pamela Rabe, Kate Box, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Brendan Maclean