Director: Matthew Bate
89 minutes

A portrait of an extraordinary nobody.

In 1977, teenager Sam Klemke began a project to obsessively film and narrate every year of his life in an attempt to understand himself. Also in 1977, NASA sent into space the Golden Record: an audiovisual self-portrait of humanity that would allow extraterrestrials to understand who we are. Sam Klemke’s Time Machine moves us from the infinity of space to the raw intimacy of the life of an extraordinary nobody to look at what it means to be human.

A unique docu hybrid that turns one man’s decades of self-filming into an existential message in a bottle.” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

Festivals: Sundance New Frontier, Adelaide Film Festival

Funding Partners: Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund, Screen Australia, South Australian Film Corporation

Film Type Documentary
Director Matthew Bate
Producer Rebecca Summerton, Sophie Hyde