Director: Eddie White & Ari Gibson
7 minutes

2009 | Short | 7 mins

Director: Eddie White, Ari Gibson
Producer: Jessica Brentnall

In a city of singing cats, a lonely beat poet falls for a beautiful siren. When a mysterious figure kidnaps the town’s singers, the poet must save his muse and put an end to a nefarious symphony. Produced by the People’s Republic of Animation. Narrated by Nick Cave.

Festivals: Annecy 09; Sydney 09; LA Shortsfest 09; Melbourne FF 09; Brisbane FF 09;

Awards: Best Short Film; – Audience Award, Adelaide Film Festival 09;

Winner- Yoram Gross Award for Best Animated Short, Dendy Awards Sydney FF 09.

Winner: Creative Hotshop Award for Animation.

Winner- Best Animation- Melbourne  09

Nominated- Best Short Animation- IF Awards 09

Winner- Best Short Animation, AFI Awards 09

Winner-Yoram Gross Award for Best Animation- Flickerfest 2010

Shortlist- Best Short Animation- Academy Awards 09

Director Eddie White & Ari Gibson
Producer Jessica Brentnall