Director: Granaz Moussavi Writer: Granaz Moussavi
96 minutes

My Tehran for Sale is a groundbreaking film, revealing fresh truths behind the façade of contemporary Iran. Marzieh is an actress living in Tehran where, like most young people, she is forced to lead a secret life to express her art. At an underground rave party she meets Saman, now an Australian citizen, who offers her a way out—until things go terribly wrong. Is Australia a place of hope, or simply another regime whose aim is to freeze the soul? Shot entirely on location in Tehran, with the assistance of Bahman Ghobadi (Turtles Can Fly) and post-produced in Adelaide, this is a uniquely daring project. It explores a woman’s struggle for independence and for the courage needed to break from everything in your life. Adelaide-based filmmaker Granaz Moussavi is one of the most prominent poets of her generation in Iran. She has based this uncompromising debut feature on friends and acquaintances in Tehran’s underground arts community.

Festivals: Adelaide 09; Toronto 09; Pusan 09; Vancouver 09; Guadalajara 10; Minneapolis – St Paul FF


  • Winner: Independent Spirit IF Award – Granaz Moussavi
  • Director Prod: Julie Ryan, Kate Croser, Granaz Moossavi
  • Jury Award for Best Feature Film at the TriMedia Film Festival at Fort Collins, Colorado
Film Type Feature Fiction
Director Granaz Moussavi Writer: Granaz Moussavi
Producer Julie Ryan, Kate Croser, Granaz Moussavi