Five Reasons You Need To Watch F*!#ing Adelaide

29 June 2018

Sophie Hyde’s six-part dramedy series F*!#ing Adelaide is now available to watch on ABC iView, and will air on television at 9.30pm on 15 July! In honour of the show’s iView debut – and transmission – here are five reasons why you need to watch it.

The Location

As you’d expect, F*!#ing Adelaide was shot right here in the heart of South Australia. Bryan Mason’s cinematography wonderfully captures the identity of our iconic city, and throughout the series, you’ll notice some much-loved Adelaide locations – such as Peel Street’s small bars.

The Story

Heavily inspired by the mumblecore film movement, the show details the challenge three (grown) children face when their mother reveals that she is selling their family home. Whether it’s the situation itself or the events that follow, the story is one many can relate to.

The Emotion

F*!#ing Adelaide details a variety of emotions that are extremely close to the heart, captured in the show’s simple concept: returning home. Sometimes this can be sad, sometimes it can be happy, sometimes it can be frustrating, and sometimes it can be beautiful. Hyde’s show captures all of that, and a little more.

The Performances

The show features some of the most exceptional performances on Australian TV. The ever-powerful Pamela Rabe (of Wentworth fame) leads the charge and plays Maude, a mother who has decided to put the childhood home of Eli (Brendan Maclean), Emma (Kate Box) and Kitty (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) up for sale.

The Importance

It’s not every day that an Adelaide-based story gets told, and this show’s success could very well change that. Hyde’s show is an Adelaide story told from an Adelaide perspective, and that is undeniably special. We think it’s incredibly important to support locally-produced talent, so why not start with F*!#ing Adelaide?

Watch F*!#ing Adelaide on ABC iView.

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Words by Roby D’Ottavi