Five Free Activities And Exhibitions At ADLFF

9 October 2018

There’s even more to Adelaide Film Festival than soul-stirring films, and we encourage you to go out and see what’s on offer. Have fun – these activities and exhibitions are on us.

Courtyard Shorts Program

Swing by our festival hub at GU Film House Adelaide for a range of special events on the big screen!


Retro Gaming

Join us for free retro gaming at the hub of the Adelaide Film Festival, in the GU Film House courtyard. Scattered across the festival we will have retro games available for the public to play, so come along and feel nostalgic over who is better at Mario Kart!


Reactive Wall

Since 2013, Adelaide Film Festival  has showcased the work of artists as they respond to premieres of the festival. In 2018 we welcome Alex Beckinsale, Cameron Smith, Cassie Thring, Christina Peek and Sarah Tickle who cover everything from mixed media and digital art to painting.

Joining these artists is local legend Roy Ananda, known for his work inspired by film and pop culture. Roy will be working with these artists, all graduates of the Adelaide Central School of Art, to realise the most ambitious iteration of the Reactive Wall to date.

Come and explore the Reactive Wall projects in the GU Film House Courtyard on your way to the box office as these works come to life in response to the festival’s biggest films.

Starstruck: Australian Movie Portraits

A collaborative project between the National Film and Sound Archive and the National Portrait Gallery, Starstruck: Australian Movie Portraits reveals never-before-seen stories of Australian cinema. Through photographic portraits, candid behind-the-scenes shots, rare film posters, casting books and original costumes. Starstruck celebrates the past and present of Australian film—including watershed moments in cinema and iconic visions of Australian life—and also offers a glimpse into the experiences of the actors and crew. The exhibition explores how cinema portraiture can create a bridge between the magic of a movie’s fictional worlds and the realities of filmmaking.
Friday 14 September — Friday 30 November 2018, Samstag Museum


Bettison Oration: A Lifetime Not Still

The Jim Bettison and Helen James Award recognises individual Australians who have contributed exemplary and inspiring lifelong work of high achievement in their area of expertise, with benefit to the wider community.

The 2017 recipient, Robert McFarlane, a leading Australian social documentary and arts photographer, has been capturing defining moments of Australian life for more than half a century.

Experience the stories behind these iconic images with Robert and explore his lifetime achievements working across the world as a photographer and critic. Included is a sneak peek into his marvellous private collection.

Saturday 20 October, 2:15pm, GU Film House Adelaide


SBS Belongings

Created by SBS’s Digital Creative Labs using technology developed by Google’s Creative Lab, Belongings shares stories and experiences of people who left their homeland, and almost everything they own, in search of a new life in Australia.

For many in the developed world, life can be consumed with material objects. Our possessions inadvertently become everything to us. But what if you had to flee your homeland forever? What’s the one item you couldn’t live without?

The people in this immersive installation were faced with that very decision. For one participant, their belonging is a memory eternally locked inside a purse; for another, it’s a necklace with protective powers; and for a third, the scent of a beloved family member left behind is soaked into cloth. Their possessions are a lifeline imbued with the spirit of ancestry, family, home, and belonging.

Presented and produced by SBS’ Digital Creative Labs. Made with some friends at Google.

Friday 28 September to Sunday 21 October, 9pm – 5pm, Migration Museum


The Waiting Room (A VR Experience)

She is Osca, an organic being, born of this earth. Belonging to Earth, she exists comfortably within her natural world… unlike the newcomers. Osca is flummoxed by the complexity of these human beings, by their ingenuity and resourcefulness, but also by their rapaciousness and destructiveness. The clues she finds offer no explanations to her. The Waiting Room is a tribute to time; elusive, ethereal, abstract yet perpetually exacting. It speaks to the time in between the before and the after: the time before we, the real aliens on planet Earth, arrived; and the time after, once we are done colonising and have gone. What are the realities that we must transcend to avoid arriving at the inevitable?

The Waiting Room is a pioneering work, one that redefines the boundaries of VR by dispensing with conventional VR headsets. When we step into the gallery at Samstag wearing our active eyeglasses, we enter another world and become eyewitnesses to the modern fable.

Friday 14 September to Friday 30 November, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Samstag Museum