Director: Sally Ingleton
88 minutes
All Ages

A year on the frontline of Australian environmental activism

A year on the frontline of Australian environmental activism
 Here are the stories of people determined to be the difference. The environmental battle in Australia is being fought on a number of fronts, from the Tarkine forest in Tasmania to the Adani mine site in central Queensland; from country towns in Victoria all the way to New York. A coalition of environmental activists, young and old, are saying, “enough!” This growing army will do whatever it takes to save their futures from the ravages of climate change. From chaining themselves to coal trains, sitting high in the canopy of threatened rainforest for days on end or locking onto bulldozers, their non-violent tactics are designed to generate mass action. It’s a far cry from the heady days of the Sydney Green Bans or the Franklin River Blockade but today’s environmentalists are extending connections with the past through invoking the successes of these previous campaigns. These are stories with immense relevance and be thankful there are wild things out there still.

Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Changing The Status Quo
Language English
Director Sally Ingleton
Producer Sally Ingleton
Screenwriters Sally Ingleton
Cinematographer Miles Bennet, Ash Dunn, Sally Ingleton, Frederique Olivier, Randall Wood, Peter Zakharov
Editor Steven Robinson
Music Antony Partos, Matteo Zingales
Genre Environmental, Youth/Teen