60 minutes
All Ages
Professor Vaux examines the way research integrity is self- regulated in Australia, and explores the need for a national office for research integrity to improve the efficiency and fairness of research in Australia and bring it up to a world class standard.
Although the vast majority of scientists do the right thing, the number of retractions is growing. Modern research is a sophisticated, complex system, and like the church, police, banks, and professional sport, needs oversight to recognise and correct problems. Self-regulation often fails, due to conflicts of interest, conspiracies, and cover-ups.
David Vaux is an award-winning medical researcher whose revolutionary work on the causes of cell death paved the way for a new treatment for leukaemia that is in use around the world. For over 15 years he has provided leadership in the promotion of responsible research to increase both the efficiency and quality of research for which he is recognised and respected internationally.