Director: Matthew Bate, Liam Somerville
75 minutes
Unclassified 18+

A love letter to trash, friendship, and filmmaking.

Infamous for creating what he calls ‘splatter-punk video nasties’, Dick Dale has been the king of Adelaide’s trash film scene for over 20 years. His Trasharama festivals have become the stuff of legend. And now, armed with zero budget, some dips foraged from a dumpster and a cast recruited from assorted punk bands, including Rat Scabies (The Damned), Spencer P Jones (Beasts of Bourbon), and horror film icon Lawrence R. Harvey, Dick is about to make his first feature film Ribspreader, which tells the story of a one-time pin-up boy for tobacco advertising, now full-time loser, who is brainwashed by a talking billboard into killing all the smokers in Murder City and making a jacket from their lungs. It will be an hilarious lo-fi filmmaking odyssey that will either make or break his career. From directors Matthew Bate (Shut Up, Little Man!) and Liam Somerville comes this riotous six-part love letter to trash.

Film Type Series
Program Strand AFF Investment Fund, Best of the Fest
Premiere World
Language English
Director Matthew Bate, Liam Somerville
Producer Katrina Lucas, Matt Bate
Screenwriters Matthew Bate
Cinematographer Liam Somerville
Editor Raynor Pettge
Music Raynor Pettge
Cast Dick Dale
Genre B-movie, Post Modern