Thu Oct 27, 5:15 PM
Director: Juliana Curi
Brazil, United States
72 minutes
Unclassified 15+

“...a visually hypnotic odyssey through the Amazon rainforest” The Hollywood Times

Uýra, a trans non-binary Indigenous performance artist says, “The change we need is so profound that it’s often described as impossible. But the impossible is coming. And the unimaginable is due.” In this film, Uýra practices perfectly what they preach, putting on extraordinary public solo art performances in cities, to highlight the ecological destruction, racism and transphobia taking place today in Brazil and around the world. Uýra also encourages other Indigenous youth to fight against these systems with activism and art. They tour the Amazon Forest with workshops and relay the important ancestral messages of the Amazon Forest to the youth. Using found natural objects from the Amazon Forest for their and the youths performances, the resulting performances are hypotonic to view and the youth are truly inspired to take this activism into their everyday lives.

Director Juliana Curi has crafted a documentary that is expertly aesthetically aligned with the artistic approach of Uýra’s work. A winner of awards at the top Queer film festivals in the world, Audience award for Best Documentary at Frameline and a Special Programming Award at Outfest, this is a film that activists, new and old must see.

Film Type Documentary
Language Portuguese
Subtitles English
Director Juliana Curi
Producer Martina Sonksen, Juliana Curi, João Henrique Kurtz, Livia Cheibub
Writer Martina Sonksen, Juliana Curi
Genre Environmental Issues, LGBTQIA+, Social Issue