Director: Frelle Petersen
105 minutes
All Ages

Winner of the Grand Prix, Tokyo International Film Festival

From Denmark comes a small gem, full of sharply observed characters and understated humour. Twenty-something Kris has put aside her ambitions to become a vet in order to run the family farm and look after her elderly, infirm uncle. Days pass in rhythmic routine – early mornings milking and mucking, afternoons repairing machinery, an evening game of scrabble. The challenges of life as a caregiver will be familiar to many Australians, and it is one handled with great sensitivity and sly humour as Kris makes her first faltering steps to address new professional and romantic possibilities. Acclaimed writer/director/cinematographer Petersen shot this elegant portrait of country life in the region of his own upbringing. Lead actress Jette Søndergaard, a real-life veterinarian who gives an outstanding delicate performance, stars alongside her real uncle. Handled with great intimacy and gentleness Uncle is a beautiful portrait of rural life and the tug of family responsibilities against the needs of the individual.

“a very human slice of rural life…Dreams, hopes, struggles – all are ongoing and are part of parcel of Uncle (the film and the character). Moments of bliss, however, abound in this beautifully lensed and quite exquisite slice of humanity.” (Cineuropa)

Film Type Feature Fiction
Program Strand Contemporary World Cinema
Premiere Australian
Language Danish
Subtitles English
Director Frelle Petersen
Producer Marco Lorenzen
Screenwriters Frelle Petersen
Cinematographer Frelle Petersen
Editor Frelle Petersen
Music Flemming Berg
Cast Jette Søndergaard, Peter Hansen Tygesen, Ole Caspersen, Tue Frisk Petersen
Accolades Tokyo, Grand Prix Award, 2019
Genre Coming of Age, Disability, Drama