Thu Oct 27, 2:15 PM
Director: Gregorio Graziosi
105 minutes
Unclassified 18+

Find your quiet, listen to yourself.

Marina is an elite-level synchronised diver. You plunge to the water balancing grace with fear, but the crucial thing is to be at one with your partner. Is it too much to ask of one woman? Marina’s inner demons manifest themselves in tinnitus, a buzzing in her ears. Between the controlling man in her life and the competitive women, she must find her quiet, a place where strong women can be themselves. This wonderfully stylised, psychodrama from leading Brazilian director Gregorio Graziosi resonates strongly with the central issues confronted by modern women the world around.

“Our country is currently experiencing a conservative upswing, with a majority of men in politics and religious leaders telling people what to do and think. It was a great relief from this oppressive reality to make a film about strong women, who fight for their desires and unconventional passions.” (Gregorio Graziosi)

Premiere Australian
Program Strand Curiouser & Curiouser
Language English, Japanese, Portuguese
Subtitles English
Director Gregorio Graziosi
Producer Zita Carvalhosa, Gregorio Graziosi
Writer Gregorio Graziosi, Marco Dutra, Andres Julian Vera
Cast Joana De Verona, Indira Nascimento, Alli Willow, Antonio Pitanga