Director: Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw
Italy, United States, Greece
84 minutes
All Ages

“serenades the eyes and appeals to sophisticated taste buds.” (Variety)

Here is a film for everyone who loves dogs, everyone who loves food, everyone who…well, just everyone. They say that you need a pig to find the truffles, but that is a lie. Everyone in Piedmont, Italy knows that you need a dog. Hunting the white Alba truffle, which has resisted all of modern science’s efforts at cultivation, is the preserve of a dying breed of old guys like Carlo and Aurelio, who comb the forests at night with their (perhaps overly) beloved dogs, visiting the secret places, sniffing out the precious, fragrant treasures. Complete with doggy-cam, experience the thrill of bounding through the forest without your pants on, answering only to the sensations of your nose. From there we venture down dark alleys where the secret truffle trade is conducted in the shadows. As joyful as the smell of a freshly-picked tomato, as jaunty as a folk song played on the accordion, this is the best time you’ll have in a movie theatre for a long time.

“A scrumptious, melancholic cinematic journey into the storied world of truffle hunters in Northern Italy that serenades the eyes and appeals to sophisticated taste buds.” (Variety)

“Watching a gourmet buyer reverently smell and taste a choice example of their finds, shaved over a simple fried egg to strains of Tosca, no less, will have you salivating… it’s foodie heaven” (Hollywood Reporter)

Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Best of the Fest, Documentary Competition
Premiere Australian
Language Italian
Subtitles English
Director Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw
Producer Gregory Kershaw, Michael Dweck
Cinematographer Gregory Kershaw, Michael Dweck
Editor Charlotte Munch Bengtsen
Music Ed Côrtes
Genre Culture