Fri Oct 28, 6:00 PM
Director: David Easteal
180 minutes
All Ages

“Extraordinary...a tremendous achievement and, in a subtle way, an amazing work of art.” (The Guardian)

In this highly praised Australian experimental film, skillfully created by David Easteal, The Plains takes the viewer on a revelatory journey exploring the power of the ordinary.
You travel from the back seat on a daily commute learning about the ups and downs of lives which are anything but mundane. The two men are still while the world rushes past and the car becomes a theatrical stage where time is taken up with small talk that merges into personal confessions and talking about changing your life is as easy as changing lanes.

The camera is set in a single position behind the characters, but as Easteal observes: “the car is a fascinating place for interpersonal communication.” For a film that seldom lets us step outside Andrew’s car, this is a most evocative, soul-replenishing journey; for one that just as rarely lets us look at its protagonist in the face, this is an astonishingly full-rounded, richly textured portrait of a life, epic in size and scope.

“The ‘dead time’ of the daily commute comes alive…a thematically rich and quietly compelling portrait of a man at the crossroads” (Variety)

Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Documentary Competition
Language English
Director David Easteal
Producer David Easteal
Writer David Easteal
Cinematographer Simon J Walsh
Editor David Easteal
Cast David Easteal, Andrew Rakowski, Cheri LeCornu, Inga Rakowski
Genre Documentary