Director: Alison Ellwood
United States, Canada, Ireland
98 minutes
Unclassified 15+

A rock doc about a game-changing, God-do-miss-the-80s-or-what? punk-pop band

The greatest all-girl—no, make that all-woman—band of the 1980s emerged out of the LA punk scene. Australian-born director Allison Ellwood mixes abundant archival material and candid interviews with the band members to tell you everything worth knowing about the Go-Go’s. Evolving beyond their initial punk personas, they went on to write and play some of the defining pop songs of the decade. Taking on the male-dominated musical establishment with kick-arse verve and irrepressible enthusiasm they were an explosion of colour and attitude. As Variety notes they were “the first hugely popular female band who were their own fucking band.” Hits such as We’ve Got the Beat, Our Lips Are Sealed, and Vacation followed. After sinking to the top of the pop scene with too much fame, too many drugs, and too many MTV clips, they contemplate what it takes to be survivors and sisters in an industry that eats its young while they are still fresh.

Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Sounds of Rebellion
Language English
Director Alison Ellwood
Producer Trevor Birney, Corey Russell, Eimhear O'Neill
Cinematographer Sam Painter
Editor Brett Banks
Music Matt Hauser
Genre Music