Director: Iryna Tsilyk
Ukraine, Lithuania
74 minutes
All Ages

“Exquisitely shot and bold in its metastorytelling approach” (The Guardian)

The word inspirational is used a lot these days but rarely is it so apt as here. This rousingly life-affirming documentary (the title comes from a surrealist poem) centres on single-mother Anna who is bringing up four children, a turtle and an assortment of cats. She lives in the Donbass region of the Ukraine where war has wrecked the city and taken away most of the men. As her daughter Myroslava explains, war is about emptiness because it takes away everything good in life. Cinema becomes the family’s solution. The two daughters, who are aspiring cinematographers, shoot a film, and Anna gets involved. They recruit some passing soldiers to appear in a cameo and argue the merits of a pan as opposed to a static frame. In the process, they succeed in making a film that speaks directly to people of their own experiences. This film is a must for everyone who believes in cinema, and in the vital role it can play in making people stronger. It was a popular winner of the directing prize of Sundance’s World Documentary competition.

“This film is a testimony to the way this family and many others like them have done their best to fill that emptiness with love and hope.” (Screen Daily)

Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Documentary Competition
Language Russian, Ukrainian
Subtitles English
Director Iryna Tsilyk
Producer Anna Kapustina, Giedrė Žickytė
Screenwriters Iryna Tsilyk
Cinematographer Viacheslav Tsvietkov
Editor Ivan Bannikov, Iryna Tsilyk
Accolades Sundance, Best Director, World Documentary, 2020; Berlin, 2020
Genre Culture, War

Screens with: Secret Pretty Things Jija Mooga Gu

Director: Dylan Coleman, Staurme Glastonbury
7 minutes
All Ages

Set in assimilationist Australia, Aboriginal sisters Grace and Eva long to understand their identities. They meet in secret and find refuge from the mission on the beach.

Film Type Short
Program Strand Shorts Before Features
Premiere World
Language English
Director Dylan Coleman, Staurme Glastonbury
Producer Anna Bardsley-Jones
Screenwriters Dylan Coleman, Staurme Glastonbury
Cinematographer Allan Collins
Editor David Scarborough
Music Justin Pounsett
Cast Kaniesha Glastonbury, Zabella Glastonbury
Genre Drama, History