Sat Oct 28, 3:45 PM
Director: Pablo Berger
France, Spain
101 minutes

This wistful animated gem traces the arc of a unique friendship in eighties New York.

A touching, delicate animated feature, Robot Dreams is a profound meditation on how relationships ebb, flow and fade. It’s the eighties in a New York populated with anthropomorphic animals. Dog is bored and lonely, listlessly playing Pong and eating TV dinners in his Manhattan apartment. So he orders a build-it-yourself robot companion. Their friendship blossoms quickly as they explore the rhythms of the great city, but they are separated after an incident at the beach. Their lives diverge, with Dog exploring other companionship, while Robot dreams of reuniting. Free from dialogue, the characterful visuals and emotive soundtrack of Robot Dreams will stir both young and older connoisseurs of 2D animation.

“Bolstered by the resilient spirit of New York City, this is one of the loveliest movies that you will see this year, animated or otherwise.” (The Wrap)

“Its radiant colors and lucid conception of vulnerability in the face of a largely inconsiderate world, sink deep beneath the skin in the liminal space between the soul and the heart.” (The Playlist)

“With its soulful tin heart, Robot Dreams moves us to appreciate the fortune of having a precious pal.” (IndieWire)

Film Type Feature Animation
Program Strand AFF Youth & Families
Director Pablo Berger
Producer Ibon Cormenzana, Ignasi Estapé, Sandra Tapia, Pablo Berger, Ángel Durández
Writer Pablo Berger
Editor Fernando Franco
Genre Animation, Comedy, Drama