Wed Oct 25, 10:30 AM
51 minutes
All Ages

SehaS Singh Sodhi / Marryatville High School
Category: Senior School

An exploration through travel to find inspiration for a painting.

Aidan Cooper Shields, Mia Banks Barid / The Heights
Category: Middle School

A small dog is adopted by the Assistant Station manager who has no idea what he is about to get himself into.

Charlie’s First Day 
Cindy S, Alodia A, Varsha S, Eason Q / East Torrens Primary School
Category: Primary School

Charlie is starting school but has no friends. Monty the koala shows East Torrens school values of empathy and community to help Charlie make friends and have a great day at school.

Luis Guamen / Port Lincoln Primary School
Category: Primary School

A mysterious object from space enters Earth and turns electronics evil! But suddenly the object leaves when a natural disaster occurs.

Drive Safely in Mimili Community
Danna / Mimili Anangu School
Category: Middle School

Rules for driving in the community.

Valentina Plisko / Encounter Lutheran College
Category: Senior School

We spend too many hours in front of our screens. We forget the glimmer of light that comes with exploring, adventure, and fun. Choose which glow will fulfil your life.

In Their Shoes
Aiden Todd, Iylah Charles, Amelia Cussans / Reynella East College
Category: Primary School

Unknowingly a student places himself in someone else’s shoes.
Love Letter 
Jason Huang / A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts / United States
Category: Senior School

A film that not only depicts the beauty of Oakland, US while exploring the beauty and feelings of a relationship.

Nestled in Nature
Arno Garrett
Category: Middle School

A short documentary that explores the importance of gardens for natural wildlife.

Harrison J Thomas / Prince Alfred College
Category: Primary School

Arriving at Selma Primary intent on a fresh start, old patterns re-emerge as William attempts to escape his troubled past.

The Botanic Gardens
Nancy May Carolyn Marshall / Glenunga International High School
Category: Senior School

A documentary that focuses on the beauty of the Botanic Gardens and the connections people have with this renowned landmark.

The Fox 
Rain Chen / Seymour College
Category: Primary School

A lonely fox seeks a friend with a magical umbrella.

The Wellness Tree
Sammy Leverenz / Prospect North Primary School
Category: Primary School

The Wellness Tree at Prospect North Primary School is a dedicated place for students to engage in conversations about their well-being or simply connect with a friend.

Aurora Chan / Willunga Waldorf School
Category: Middle School

An exploration of the daily mask we all wear, and the freedom experienced when the mask is taken off.

Program Strand AFF Youth & Families, AFF Youth Shorts