Fri Oct 27, 6:00 PM
Director: Katia deVidas
93 minutes

An unflinching behind-the-scenes glimpse at British rockstar Peter Doherty and his battle against addiction.

An unflinching examination of addiction, Peter Doherty: Stranger in My Own Skin captures the former Libertines frontman at his best and his very worst. Doherty’s wife, Katia deVidas, filmed him for over ten years on the road, at home, backstage, in liminal moments when he is at his most unguarded. From the height of his popularity, he plunges into the darkest drug-fuelled abyss and tries to clamber to safety. His observations are self-aware and verge on the poetic as he reaches a crossroads to either advance to destruction or attempt at healing. deVidas presents a non-judgmental and loving, but confronting portrait of her partner.

“The camera captures souls, looks, truths – mostly lost ones, along with intense moments of the sort that are usually hidden. I made this movie to make people aware of the consequences of addiction in human beings, whether you’re a rockstar or not.” (Director Katia deVidas)

Film Type Feature Documentary
Program Strand (Port) Adelaide Film Festival, Music on Film
Language English
Director Katia deVidas
Producer Myriam Weil, Katia deVidas
Writer Katia deVidas
Cinematographer Katia deVidas
Editor Katia deVidas, Paco Sweetman
Music Peter Doherty
Genre Biographical, Documentary, Music