Sun Oct 22, 7:15 PM
Director: Wim Wenders
Germany, Japan
124 minutes

Komorebi: a pattern of light shimmering through leaves. It exists only once at that moment.

Veteran German auteur Wim Wenders makes a serene return to form in this story of a Tokyo toilet cleaner. Hirayama (Kōji Yakusho, Best Actor, Cannes) rises each morning and follows a routine marked by its sameness and calm silence: water the plants, work, the public bath, the same dinner. He conscientiously scrubs the astonishingly architectural conveniences in which Tokyoites relieve themselves. He is a rigorous contrarian listening to cassette tape, shooting black and white film, reading novels. However, for those who watch closely, the miracle of each day is that it has a way of surprising you with its subtle differences. If you believe all those screenwriting books that tell you that films must have drama, conflict, character arcs and conventions like that, this might not be your cup of tea. But forget about drama for once and pause for this celebration of the evanescent beauty of the world.

“… a film of deceptive simplicity, observing the tiny details of a routine existence with such clarity, soulfulness and empathy that they build a cumulative emotional power almost without you noticing.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

“… builds to a stunning and genuinely moving crescendo.” (IndieWire)

“… has a kind of ambient urban charm.” (The Guardian)

“A sublime film about finding your own way.” (Flicks)

Film Type Feature Fiction
Program Strand World Cinema
Language Japanese
Subtitles English
Director Wim Wenders
Producer Wim Wenders, Takuma Takasaki, Koji Yanai
Writer Wim Wenders, Takuma Takasaki
Cinematographer Franz Lustig
Editor Toni Froschhammer
Cast Kôji Yakusho, Tokio Emoto, Arisa Nakano, Aoi Yamada, Yumi Aso, Sayuri Ishikawa, Tomokazu Miura, Min Tanaka
Genre Comedy, Drama, Personal Narrative, Urban