Director: Eva Riley
United Kingdom
83 minutes
Unclassified 15+

For fans of Andrea Arnold and Ken Loach

Summertime sadness is eating at Leigh (debutant Frankie Box),a lonely teen living on the outskirts of Brighton. Leigh lacks a meaningful relationship with her dad Rob (William Ash, Mad About Mambo) whose strategy for parenting is avoidance. and is struggling with her lost confidence as a gymnast since the loss of her mother. Then her half-brother Joe (Alfie Deegan) turns up unexpectedly, giving her the attention she yearns for, while leading her by the hand into petty crime hijinks. Eva Riley’s feature debut takes British social realism and reboots it for Zoomer viewers. These characters are real and raw and very relatable for a young audience.

School’s Out
Not everything cinema has to offer can be learned in a classroom – those grittily realistic or poetic flights filled with a representation of youth so achingly true that they will pierce your young heart. These require a singular relationship between you and the big screen. So, leave the guide behind and come to School’s Out.

Program Strand School's Out
Premiere South Australian
Age Recommendation 15+
Language English
Director Eva Riley
Producer Bertrand Faivre, Jacob Thomas, Valentina Brazzini
Screenwriters Eva Riley
Cinematographer Steven Cameron Ferguson
Editor Abolfazl Talooni
Cast Frankie Box, Alfie Deegan, Sharlene Whyte

Screens with: Wilma

Director: Haukur Björgvinsson
11 minutes
Unclassified 15+

When he becomes she becomes me becomes us

Film Type Short
Program Strand Shorts Before Features
Premiere South Australian
Age Recommendation 15+
Language Icelandic
Subtitles English
Director Haukur Björgvinsson
Producer Haukur Björgvinsson, Sæmundur Thór Helgason, Kjartan Thór Thórdarson, Chanel Björk Sturludóttir
Screenwriters Haukur Björgvinsson
Cast Snævar Valdimarsson Steffensen, Bragi Árnason, María Birta Bjarnadóttir