Director: Glendyn Ivin
95 minutes

Birds of a feather heal together.

Active, outdoorsy Sam Bloom (two-time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts) is holidaying with her family in Thailand when she experiences an accident that leaves her paralysed from the chest down. Returning home to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, she enters a depressive episode that casts her adrift from her loved ones. Then her son Noah rescues an injured baby magpie, whom the kids dub ‘Penguin’. In the bird’s plucky charm and innate curiosity, Sam finds the courage to begin again. Empathetic yet understated, Watts emanates respect in this challenging role. Her performance was guided by the real-life Sam Bloom, whose path to recovery gives wings to the idea of radical acceptance and the unspoken bond between humans and animals.

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Program Strand Feature Fiction
Age Recommendation 12+, 13+, 15+
Language English
Director Glendyn Ivin
Producer Emma J Cooper, Bruna Papandrea, Steve Hutensky, Jodi Matterson, Naomi Watts
Screenwriters Shaun Grant, Harry Cripps
Cinematographer Sam Chiplin
Editor Maria Papoutsis
Music Marcelo Zarvos
Cast Naomi Watts, Andrew Lincoln, Jacki Weaver