Sat Oct 29, 10:45 AM

Tutti: A Vision for Change: How an arts organisation for ‘everyone’ addressed issues too complex to examine in words, and conveyed powerful messages that broke down barriers.

Join Pat Rix for an in-depth interview about her lifetime journey building an artistic community based on trust and respect.Despite the much-lauded introduction of the NDIS, the disability sector remains one of entrenched inequality and resistance to change. In 1997 Pat began a small choir which grew to become one of Australia’s most beloved and progressive multi arts organisations.A respected artistic director with significant experience creating collaborative community and mainstage productions in Australia, the US and South East Asia, Pat has worked for over thirty years with people from diverse backgrounds and organisations to build inclusive, respectful relationships across social, geographical and cultural divides. As an artist, her belief is that in order to have a voice, people need a place to speak from. Such a place must be a force for social change and allow new spaces for thinking and knowing to emerge. Pat’s unshakeable belief led to the development of a unique organisation where artists make amazing work across all art forms, celebrating the power of disability culture and complexity of human life.

Pat will be interviewed by Associate Professor Caroline Ellison, Program Director: Bachelor of Social Science (Ageing and Disability).