Fri Oct 27, 8:45 PM
Director: María Gisèle Royo, Julia de Castro
72 minutes

A queer Spanish road movie, infused with Spain’s ‘La Movida’ spirit.

Taking inspiration from the guerilla spirit of Spain’s ‘La Movida’ movement (an influence on the early films of Pedro Almodóvar), writer/director duo Maria Gisèle Royo and Julia de Castro deliver a queer Spanish road movie with a difference, filled with Magic Realist touches. Re-working the Spanish cult classic Corridas de Alegría (1982) from a female perspective, the film centres on Milagros (Castro), a free-spirited woman who wants to have a child. Joined by Jonathan (Omar Ayuso of the Netflix series, Elite), a Grindr-loving criminal with a past, and a mermaid sporting a broken crown (Chacha Huang), the group hits the road in a ’67 Corvair, careening from one wild encounter to another. Shot entirely on 16mm film and filled with vibrant Andalusian rock music, On The Go will leave you not knowing what to expect next. Unapologetically frank and often hilarious, Royo and Castro’s film makes for joyously anarchic viewing.

Join co-director and writer Julia de Castro at the Australian Premiere at Palace Nova Eastend!

“With its blend of flamenco music and outrageous humour, On the Go is a wild ride echoing the first films from early Almodóvar and Greg Araki.” (Variety)

“… cacophonous and scattershot… unmistakably the product of its writer-directors’ passions and experiences.” (The Film Stage)

“… a forthright examination of femininity and sexuality, taking an intersectional look at the concept of identity and desire… much like its protagonists, this is not a film that intends to ever be categorized or labelled.” (International Cinephile Society)

Premiere Australian Premiere
Film Type Feature Fiction
Program Strand Feature Fiction Competition
Subtitles English
Director María Gisèle Royo, Julia de Castro
Producer Araceli Carrero, Paola Alvarez, María Gisèle Royo, Julia de Castro
Writer María Gisèle Royo, Julia de Castro
Cinematographer Ilton K. do Rosario
Editor Paola Álvarez, Sergio Jiménez
Cast Omar Ayuso, Julia de Castro, Chacha Huang, Manuel de Blas
Genre Adventure, Comedy, LGBTQ+, Road Movie

Screens with: Coming Out Autistic

Fri Oct 27, 8:45 PM
Director: Steven Fraser
United Kingdom
4 minutes

A vividly animated survey of the intersection between queer identity and Autism.

Film Type Short Animation
Program Strand Shorts Before Features
Language English
Director Steven Fraser
Producer Sit Down Shutup and Watch (SDSW)
Genre Disability Culture, Documentary, LGBTQ+, Personal Narrative