Director: Kurt Martin
100 minutes
All Ages

Sometimes the middle of nowhere finds you.

Australian landscape and road movies are a match made in cinema heaven. Due to her terminal illness, nine-year-old Monday’s only contact with the outside world is her weekly visit to the hospital. Her imagination is captured by the (Uluru), which she believes has healing powers. When she sets out for the middle of Australia, she becomes caught up in a police chase involving sixteen-year-old Tyler, a street kid with a massive heart. The unlikely pair soon form a friendship and take off on an epic road trip to the Northern Territory. Meanwhile, her father is desperately trying to track his daughter down before the police find the fugitives. With location shooting in the Flinders Ranges and Coober Pedy, this is a big-hearted film set in a big country. Throw in performances by Aaron Jeffrey, David Field, and Nicholas Hope and you’ve got an irresistible package.

Film Type Feature Fiction
Program Strand Australian Indie
Language English
Director Kurt Martin
Producer Jim Robison
Screenwriters Kurt Martin
Cinematographer Glenn Hans
Editor Rishi Shukla
Music Pru Montin
Cast Ashlyn Louden-Gamble, George Pullar, Nicholas Hope
Genre Drama, Road Trip