Sun Oct 23, 12:30 PM
Director: Jonathan Ogilvie
100 minutes
MA 15+

When privacy no longer exists...

Lone Wolf updates Joseph Conrad’s 1907 novel The Secret Agent to a contemporary Australia in which the surveillance state has triumphed and digital technology has turned us all into subjects of the camera. Animal rights activist Winnie, played by AFF legend Tilda Cobden-Hervey, runs a struggling political bookshop with her boyfriend Conrad (Josh McConville, from The Infinite Man) while taking care of her young brother Stevie. When Conrad becomes entangled in an act of terrorism, things spiral out of control and a sinister conspiracy slowly emerges. A stellar cast including Hugo Weaving and Lawrence Mooney, along with cinematography by Geoffrey Simpson make this an Australian film not to be missed.

“This intriguing political thriller uses the ideological beliefs of its characters as a jumping-off point, but is most effective when it takes its own stance, and starts to unpick the tiers of exploitation within society.” (Screen Daily)

“An innovative and imaginative espionage thriller which plays with a number of styles and techniques to create an immersive and entertaining drama.” (Backseat Mafia)

World Cinema Program presented by

Program Strand World Cinema
Age Recommendation MA 15+
Language English
Director Jonathan Ogilvie
Producer Mat Govoni, Adam White, Lee Hubber, Jonathan Ogilvie
Writer Jonathan Ogilvie
Cinematographer Bernadette Murray
Editor Bernadette Murray
Cast Hugo Weaving, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Diana Glenn, Stephen Curry, Lawrence Mooney, Josh McConville