60 minutes
All Ages
Join Professor Long for a fascinating and illuminating oration traversing some of his most significant discoveries. He shares what may be one of his greatest adventures yet; travelling around Australia on a Moto Guzzi to film a series about the evolution of life through the lens of motorcycle history.
With a career spanning four decades, palaeontologist John Long has searched for fossils across the globe, from the deserts of Australia and Iran to the snow-capped mountains of Antarctica. His discoveries have provided insights into life’s key adaptations including the original sexual revolution, when internal fertilisation evolved so creatures could invade land.
Professor Long is one of Australia’s top science communicators, introducing complex themes to the general public through museum exhibitions, books, blogs and popular articles. He has also starred in several science documentaries, capitalising on new animation technologies to reimagine our deep time ancestors and bring them back to life for today’s audiences.