Wed Oct 26, 10:30 AM
Director: Luke Cornish
91 minutes
All Ages

Performance is Power

Pacific Islander Gabi and Romanian immigrant Patricia are proud b-girls, hip hop dancers who specialise in popping and breaking, and they are laying it all on the line in Sydney’s Destructive Steps competition where the best face off against the best. Competitive street dance is a multi-million-dollar global industry. Competitors like Gabi and Patricia dedicate their lives to winning, pushing themselves to the brink physically, mentally and in many cases financially. But those within the sub-culture of street dance understand that it promises empowerment and respect for those who rise to the top. A winning performance for our dancers will bring independence and an escape from the lives they’ve been dealt. But first they must overcome financial hardship, injury, volatile relationships and even the risk of being deported. Filmed over seven years with intimate access to a breathtaking, but largely misunderstood artform, Keep Stepping is a coming-of-age story about love, obsession and transformative power of performance.
Winner Best Documentary, Sydney Film Festival.
Film Type Documentary
Age Recommendation All Ages
Language English
Director Luke Cornish
Producer Luke Cornish, Mick Elliott, Philip Busfield
Writer Luke Cornish
Cinematographer Geoff Blee, Luke Cornish, Frace Mercado
Editor Luke Cornish
Cast Patricia Carmen, Gabi Quinsacara, Jo Hyeon Yoon
Genre Cult, Dance, Documentary

Screens with: Look the Part

Wed Oct 26, 10:30 AM
Director: Claire Fletcher
7 minutes
All Ages

Sam is a cleaner working in a large theatre who has a passion to be a dancer but is too shy to realise her dreams. When her magical inner-diva-cum-drag queen materialises, Sam’s dreams transform into reality.

Film Type Short
Program Strand Shorts Before Features
Age Recommendation All Ages
Language English
Director Claire Fletcher
Producer Tracey Corbin-Matchett, Kristen Hodges
Writer Ellen Maher, Ashley Kuhle, Oliver Williams, Rae Pastuszak, Daniel McGrath, Georgia Di Laudo, Ben Rowntree, Michael Oblati, Matilda Thompson, Christine Blanch, Audrey O'Connor, Charlotte Juliana Ryan, Liam Peake
Cast Ellen Maher, Luke McCaul