Fri Oct 27, 10:30 AM
Director: Marion Pilowsky
84 minutes

Cowboy. Rebel. Survivor. Grandmother. You’ll never forget meeting Isla.

Formidable grandmother Isla Roberts is adamant. She insists that although she’s not a lesbian, her girlfriend Susan is. In this tender, richly humorous portrait of an 87-year-old horse carriage driving champion, we learn what makes an ordinary life extraordinary. Straight-shooting Isla’s lived experience of rural Australia, raising a family in severe economic hardship, and finally coming out later in life, all make for a poignant documentary of a woman who’s well ahead of her time and refuses to be put in a box. Director Marion Pilowsky tracks Isla for an eventful, cathartic year with empathy and incisiveness.

Premiere World Premiere
Film Type AFF Investment Fund, Feature Documentary
Program Strand AFF Investment Fund
Language English
Director Marion Pilowsky
Producer Georgia Humphreys, Marion Pilowsky
Cinematographer David Magarey Roberts
Editor Kristian Leadbeater
Genre Documentary, LGBTQ+, Senior/Aging, Women