Sat Oct 22, 10:45 AM
Director: Lars Ostenfeld
85 minutes
All Ages

Into the Ice ultimately makes a discovery as raw, powerful and chilling as a shifting Greenland glacier.

“The Greenland inland ice harbours a secret,” urgently narrates director Lars Ostenfeld. “You can see our future in it.” Tracking three fearless glaciologists who venture where few ever have as they measure the rate at which the crucial ice sheet is melting. This enviro-doc turns data collection into a compelling action-adventure epic. Ostenfeld captures breathtaking moments in the eyes of storms, at the edge of precipices, and at the bottom of two-hundred-metre-deep ice shafts as the scientists risk everything to conduct vital research and provide answers to the question of our global prospects. A powerful and beautiful plea that needs to be experienced on the big screen.
Film Type Documentary
Program Strand Change Award
Age Recommendation All Ages
Language Danish, English
Director Lars Ostenfeld
Producer Malene Flindt-Pedersen, Stefan Kloos, Signe Skov Thomsen
Writer Malene Flindt-Pedersen, Stefan Kloos
Cinematographer Lars Henrik Ostenfeld
Editor Marion Tuor
Genre Documentary, Environmental Issues, Science