Director: Liao Ming-yi
102 minutes
All Ages

“Who would have thought a romantic comedy on the pain of being different could become such ironic and timely viewing in a global pandemic?” (Variety)

At last, a film that dares to ask the question: can two Obsessive Compulsive Disorder sufferers find true love together? In Taipei boy meets girl. They clean the house. They clean the house again. They…you get the picture. But there is a sting in the tail of this oddball romance. Lovers might be attracted to each other because they are so much alike, but what happens if one of them changes? You can learn to love your illness, but first you just need to learn to love. This engaging romcom shows how it should be done, as it’s full of bright, bold colour shot on an iPhone XS Max with a keen young crew. This enthusiasm has proved infectious—perhaps the face masks, protective clothing, and home lockdown now make this a film for our time.

“An eye-catching and empathic debut which succeeds in making its ostensibly peculiar scenario all too relatable.” (Screen International)

“attests to the creativity and increased sophistication of Taiwan’s new generation of filmmakers.” (Variety)

Film Type Feature Fiction
Program Strand Curiouser and Curiouser
Premiere Australian
Language Taiwanese
Subtitles English
Director Liao Ming-yi
Producer Ivy Chen
Screenwriters Liao Ming-yi
Cinematographer Liao Ming-yi
Editor Liao Ming-yi
Music Chia-Wei Hsu
Cast Austin Lin, Nikki Hsieh
Accolades BiFAN, Audience Award, 2020; Udine Far East Film Festival, Audience Award, 2020
Genre Asian, Magical Realism, Romantic Comedy