Director: Coky Giedroyc
United Kingdom
102 minutes
Unclassified 15+

“It’s a joyful thing to behold” (Hollywood Reporter)

Working-class sixteen-year-old Joanna Morrigan desperately needs to shed her dull, Wolverhampton schoolgirl life and reinvent herself as the outrageously colourful creature she knows lurks somewhere within. With some imagined help from the feminist heroes on her bedroom wall, she morphs into rock journalist Dolly Wilde, not afraid to write anything, say anything, wear anything in her ferociously funny sex-quest. In this outlandish imposture, she explodes all over 1993 London, taking the city by storm. Caitlin Moran’s bestselling novel is the perfect vehicle for the talents of Beanie Feldstein (Lady Bird, Booksmart) fresh from her triumph in Hello Dolly on Broadway, who leads a star cast including Emma Thompson, Chris O’Dowd and Alexei Sayle with a cracking 90s soundtrack.

“Hilarious and inspiring” (The Guardian)

“A smart twist on the coming of age comedy” (IndieWire)

Film Type Feature Fiction
Program Strand Sounds of Rebellion
Premiere Australian
Language English
Director Coky Giedroyc
Producer Alison Owen, Debra Hayward
Screenwriters Caitlin Moran
Cinematographer Hubert Taczanowski
Editor Gary Dollner, Gareth C. Scales
Cast Beanie Feldstein, Paddy Considine, Emma Thompson
Accolades Toronto, FIPRESCI Prize, 2019
Genre Comedy, Coming of Age, Music