Sun Oct 29, 11:30 AM
Director: Daniel King
79 minutes
All Ages

A great granddaughter’s soul-stirring quest to reclaim her family’s history.

Powerful and poignant, Her Name is Nanny Nellie offers us the rare privilege of bearing witness to a family reclaiming its history. In 1925, the Australian Museum commissioned three statues of ‘full blood’ Aboriginal people: a child, a man and a woman, exhibited as nameless objects to be studied as examples of a ‘dying race.’ The woman was Nellie Walker, Irene Walker’s great grandmother and director Daniel King’s great, great grandmother. Now Irene is on a journey to retrace Nellie’s life and to reconnect the other families to their ancestors’ statues and re-display them, this time with their names, identities and dignity. This is far more than a symbolic quest; it is an opportunity to change how we remember and represent, and to give names to the nameless.

Premiere World Premiere
Film Type AFF Investment Fund, Feature Documentary
Program Strand AFF Investment Fund
Language English
Director Daniel King
Producer Charlotte Seymour, Ben Pederick, Andrew Arbuthnot
Writer Daniel King
Cinematographer Kathryn Milliss ACS
Editor Johanna Scott
Genre Documentary, Family, History, Indigenous