Tue Oct 18, 4:20 PM

Comprised entirely of hundreds of pirated film samples, Hello Dankness is a bent suburban musical that bears witness to the psychotropic cultural spectacle of the period 2016 to 2021. Set in the American suburbs, the film follows a neighbourhood through these years as consensus reality disintegrates into conspiracies and other political contagions. Part political satire, zombie stoner film, and Greek tragedy, the work is also informed by the encrypted memetics of contemporary internet culture.
Hello Dankness is Soda Jerk’s third feature film and screens within Soda Jerk’s solo exhibition Open Sauce, which also includes screenings of their controversial political fable TERROR NULLIUS (2018) and a large-scale installation of THE WAS (2015), Soda Jerk’s video collaboration with The Avalanches.

Screens at 3.30pm daily.
HELLO DANKNESS is a free event – Please click here for more information.