Thu Oct 19, 3:45 PM
Director: Kaouther Ben Hania
France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia
110 minutes
MA 15+

“Four Daughters is genuinely hard to forget. It will linger with you for days afterward.” (The Playlist)

A unique and deeply affecting hybrid work that challenges the foundations of non-fiction, Four Daughters was the deserving winner of the Golden Eye for Best Documentary at Cannes. After finding work outside the country, independent single mother Olfa returns to the Tunisian town of Sousse. In her absence, her two eldest daughters have been radicalised and eventually disappear, suspected of joining the Islamic State. To reenact and extend Olfa’s story, director Kaouther Ben Hania casts professional actors as the missing sisters and integrates them into the real family. The construct melts away to become an emotionally authentic exploration of sisterhood, violence and rebellion towards the very underpinnings of society.

“This brilliant Tunisian docudrama is a daring and emotional act of cinematic therapy.” (Time Out)

“A heartbreakingly fresh exploration of motherhood.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Film Type Feature Documentary
Program Strand World Documentary
Subtitles English
Director Kaouther Ben Hania
Producer Nadim Cheikhrouha, Habib Attia, Thanassis Karathanos, Martin Hampel
Writer Kaouther Ben Hania
Cinematographer Farouk Laaridh
Editor Jean-Christophe Hym, Qutaiba Barhamji, Kaouther Ben Hania
Music Amine Bouhafa
Cast Hend Sabri, Nour Karoui, Ichraq Matar, Majd Mastoura
Genre Docu-Drama, Documentary, Social Issue, Women